fresh vegetables and fruits

Import and export of excellent quality fruits and vegetables from Egypt. We provide you with the best quality products. Contact us and take advantage of our services. We also offer these products at the best prices on the market.


Sherifland activities

Sherifland is an importer and exporter of vegetables and fruits with headoffice in Poland.

The company specializes in importing vegetables and fruits from North Africa, but the main direction of import is Egypt. We also export Polish fruit and vegetables to the Middle East.
The fruit and vegetables imported by our company come from certified crops.

Sherifland provides its customers with high quality and competitive prices, thanks to which they can grow faster in the market.

Only with us!


As the only company, we offer the option from load to unloading. Thanks to this, we will go together to Egypt where it will be possible to see the fruits and vegetables that we offer with our own eyes. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and see the import and export of our goods from the other side.

Full care and guarantee everywhere

The option from load to unloading is certainty for you and a guarantee that the goods you buy will be as you want and of the highest quality.

We invite you to cooperation